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Opening times & rates !! NEW SCHEDULE

  • Monday to Sunday, 12am noon to 11pm

We don't go in 1 hour before closing time!

Discount if you enter 1 hour and a half before closing time.

Prices for one entry: Men only 30 CHF. Women only 20 CHF. Fe-Ho couples 40 CHF. There are subscriptions of 5 tickets or 10 tickets valid for one year from the date of issue.

Entrance quickie 20 CHF for single men and 30 CHF for couples before 13:00, departure before 14:00 (Monday to Friday)!

Payment methods

Euros (notes only) accepted but the change is given in CHF.

How to find us

We are located two minutes’ walk from the Cornavin railway station, at Rue Pradier 8. Numerous TPG (Geneva Public Transport) lines arrive and depart from the railway station to connect with many areas of the city. Cornavin railway station is also well connected by CFF and SNCF main lines with other regions of Switzerland and France.