The Spa Duplexx in Geneva

Erotic and naughty sauna for women, couples and men

022 900 00 16

OPEN, but....

Covid measures: recording of customer details, body temperature measurement, hand disinfection, mask required for your moves to the changing roomand to the bar, visits limited to 3 hours, 20 people max at the same time, closing at 11 p.m. every day, if you are sick please don't come, max 5 persons in the changing room at the same time, distantiation if possible..


The Duplexx spa, cosy and with an elegant and modern design, is a public spa, naturist, erotic, naughty, libertine, swinger open to women, couples and men, aged 18 and over. There are always many sexy and naughty women of all ages. Everything is allowed, within the limits of the law, nothing is obligatory between consenting adults. 

Before entering please refer to the rules ! 

Facilities and infrastructure: sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, private cabins with mattresses, erotic games, free drink. 

At the entrance you will be provided with a towel and, for the ladies, a pareo and a key for an individual wardrobe. You take off all your clothes and put the towel around your waist. Women will be able to bring sexy and light clothing. No boots or high heels. In the jacuzzi, nudity MANDATORY. 

For single men, there are many sexy courtesans ready to accompany you for your crazy deliriums. But you have to be tactful, courteous and attentive.