Spa Duplexx

Mixed, naturist and kinky sauna club

This is a place governed by tolerance, respect, courtesy, smiles, good humour, relaxation, hygiene, equal participation in carnal pleasures. Everything is permissible but not all is mandatory ! In other words, everyone has the right to seduce or be seduced but without harassment or
heavy pressure ! Be patient as you try out the game of seduction, via conversation and then tender preliminary games. We also request our clients to attend the club in good physical and mental condition and with impeccable personal hygiene.

On entering the premises, we will provide you with a towel and, for the ladies, a sarong, as well as a key for an individual locker. In the changing room, you undress and then you go about naked under your towel or sarong. Sexy items of clothing are allowed and even encouraged, except
in the jaccuzzi, the Turkish bath and the sauna. No high heels. It’s up to you to meet new people and take advantage of the facilities.

Male-female swinger couples come in and go out together ! Areas for several couples are reserved for them at all times.

For exclusive and non-swinger couples, the Duplexx, thanks to its philosophy and its facilities, is also an excellent option, with the love room or day-use room which are unbeatable on quality and price, compared with a hotel guestroom. After a Turkish bath or a jaccuzzi, simple but
convivial private cubicles await.

Single women, transgenders and men will definitely find the pleasure they are looking for because they will be able to meet people
looking for the same thing. Men are advised to take care of their appearance, personal hygiene and conduct. Their success in seduction will be all the greater. We are convinced that raunchy single women will find the pleasure they are looking for thanks to the quality and the philosophy of the premises and the convivial welcome.