Rules to be respected please

  • Present yourself clean, well-dressed and sober (no drunkenness)

  • Do not shout or speak loudly

  • No running, no aggression, no sudden movements

  • No photo or video taking

  • No drugs

  • No alcohol or tobacco abuse

  • Respect and courtesy

  • No harassment

  • Impeccable hygiene

  • Naturist (no briefs)

  • No phones, food or drinks outside the bar

  • No imported food or beverages

  • Throw the gum in the trash

  • Do not spit, defecate or urinate outside the toilet

  • Use condoms

  • Respect anonymity: do not take contact information from other customers

  • No sex in the hot bath

  • Before each jacuzzi a shower

In case of non-compliance with these simple rules, expulsion without reimbursement may be required. In serious cases, a criminal complaint will be filed.